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So, how does that harmless gamble button works? Well basically, this button has a very specific purpose, mainly for slot games. The concept behind them is to give players the chance to play double or nothing round with all winnings earned on their main game. With such, anyone who plays slot with one of these rounds have a chance of winning big. However, let us not forget the fact as well that this is still gambling and there’s a possibility you may lose everything.

More Intuitive Gameplay

The earlier version of the button was seen in UK fruit machines were based often on just a very simple selection between “Yes” or “No”.

On the other hand, since the inception of online slots to the world, it opened alternative options with a more complex option which is far from its land-based counterparts.

When can the Gamble Button be Used?

The button can be activated after winning certain combination in main game of the slot machine. Whenever there are 3 or more symbols matched on winning payline, payout relevant to it is automatically8 added to the balance prior to seeing the “Gamble” button to flash.

When such happens, you may either opt to continue playing and collect your winnings or you can press the flash button which will initiate the bonus round. This bonus game may be among the different 50/50 game types that are going to vary from one game to another.